Our mission is:

Promote innovation and the use of clean and renewable energy sources for electricity generation in Brazil and in the world. Increase the use of lakes and reservoirs as appropriate locations for generation of photovoltaic energy in large Brazilian cities.

Our vision:

We will be the most important private agent in the implementation of installations of floating photovoltaic energy in the State of São Paulo until 2030

At KWP ENERGIA, all of our projects reaffirm our commitment to respect the environment, the communities where we operate, transparency, innovation, continuous improvement and respect for laws, regulations and government entities.

These are our values.


We execute the technical, economic, and regulatory evaluation of solar generation or joint generation of renewable sources (solar)



Present of the executive project and referral to the competent bodies for its approval



Financial economic analysis, with IRR – project and shareholder and NPV, as well as the investment disbursement flow



We have technical staff and international partnerships to serve the most diverse sectors of the industry


A national private group composed of investors who believe that, in a continental country like Brazil, full of lakes and reservoirs, floating solar energy has a potential for enormous growth, providing electricity generation with high energy efficiency at a competitive cost of clean, renewable, low environmental impact and sustainable. We believe that our future and that of future generations depend on the adequate and rational use of available energy sources, particularly solar energy.

Our services

We generate electricity through a photovoltaic process, taking advantage of the water surface of reservoirs, lakes, bays, etc., using first-rate solar panels installed on floats from the renowned French company Ciel et Terre;

  • We sell electrical energy in various forms and technical-commercial models;·       
  • We rent equipment that produce electricity adjusted to the needs and profile of our customers;·        
  • We offer solutions that involve structured products that add social and environmental value to our customers’ processes and result in considerable savings in their energy consumption.


  • Floats for photovoltaic systems
  • HydrelioSystem for fixing solar panels on floats
  • Anchoring for floating photovoltaic systems


  • Technical and economic analysis of power generation
  • Technical and economic analysis of energy consumption
  • Energy self-production projects
  • Micro and mini-generation projects
  • Hybrid generation projects
  • Electricity efficiency projects
  • Design and installation of floating photovoltaic systems
  • Anchor design and installation for floating photovoltaic systems
  • Design and installation of ground photovoltaic systems
  • Project installation of photovoltaic systems on roof
Our Team

Raul Loeb Wald

Founder and Board Member


Durvaldo Gonçalves Filho:
Electrical engineer, postgraduate in Business Administration, specialization courses in the areas of Compliance and Corporate Governance by FGV, 37 years of experience in power generation and transmission companies. As an engineer, he was responsible for the substation project area at ISACteep, he participated in several projects in Brazil and abroad, including partnerships with Furnas and CHESF in the construction of the 600 kV transmission line in HVDC of 2400 km of the Santo Antônio and Girau (RO) plants to the Araraquara/SP Substation and ANEEL Auctions.

Currently a member of ABNT, participating in the following Study Commissions: ABNT/CE-003 082 001 – Photovoltaic solar energy conversion systems; ABNT/CEE-063 – Special Risk Management Study Commission and ABNT/CEE-309 – Organizational Governance.

Geraldo José Pedace, Prof. Dr.

Graduated in electrical engineering from Universidade de Mogi das Cruzes (1980), master’s degree in electrical engineering from Universidade Mogi das Cruzes (1989) and doctorate from Instituto Mauá (1995). He was Director of AES Eletropaulo SA, responsible for the areas of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of electric energy (1973 to 2003). Director of Product Development Engineering at Tyco Energy do Brasil SA (2003 to 2006). Director of Contracts for Construction and Maintenance of Transmission Lines and Substations of SELVA Energia in the concession area of ​​ISA_CTEEP (2006 to 2010). Director of PEDACE – Engenharia e Consultoria Ltda contracted by the City of São Paulo for the development of energy efficiency and solar generation projects to supply the public lighting system, including the implementation of 300,000 IP – LED points in the city of São Paulo. He was a professor at the Getúlio Vargas School and at Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado – FAAP in the technical courses in Electrotechnics and Electrical Engineering (1983 to 1997). Director of Engineering at Sunlution – Power Generation Solutions responsible for the nationalization of the Hydrelio technology from Ciel et Terre – France – applied to floating solar plants in reservoirs and lakes of hydroelectric plants, SHP’s, CGH’s, industrial lakes, in agribusiness reservoirs, companies sanitation, among other applications.


Solar energy in the world

The solar source has the greatest generation potential compared to all other sources together, renewable or not. Some estimates claim that if we used the full potential of solar energy on a global scale, it would be possible to generate a percentage of energy two thousand times the total production of all nuclear, thermoelectric, and hydroelectric plants, thus being able to supply our electricity consumption for an entire year.For this and other reasons, most countries around the world are increasingly betting on the use of solar energy, in order to meet their energy demands with a clean and renewable source.Countries like the United States and China are leading the generation of solar energy in the world. In Germany, the goal is to supply 100% of energy consumption through renewable sources by the year 2050.In general, the transition to a clean energy source, transport (electric vehicles) and batteries is a global reality.The 2017 investment numbers in clean energy show that last year was incredibly strong: the value of $333.5 billion, 3% above the previous year’s revised total and 7% from the all-time record set in 2015. Global investment in clean energy in the first six months of 2018 was US$ 138.2 billion, a decrease of only 1% compared to the same period in 2017. Only in the 2nd quarter of 2018 it was registered a year-on-year increase of 8% to $76.7 billion.The rising cost of solar, wind and lithium-ion battery energy mean that market opportunities will continue to open for clean energy, electric vehicles, and storage.Several companies have analyzed the market and predicted that cost-cutting trends will continue in effect in the coming years, thanks to economies of scale and technological improvements – although neither trend is linear, given the importance of balancing supply and demand, commodity and prices.These reductions in solar energy project capital costs. This means that the same sum of billions of dollars will buy more gigawatts than a year ago.

Solar energy in Brazil

Brazil is the fifth best country in the world in solar potential, receiving more than 4kWh/m2 of daily solar irradiation, even in the less sunny areas of the South, and more than 6.5 kWh/m2 in the Northeast Region, which has high availability of resources. This generates a high-capacity factor, from 19% to 24%, for solar photovoltaic installations, a factor twice the average in Germany (one of the world’s leading countries in photovoltaic energy use).According to current research, the photovoltaic solar source in Brazil is emerging in a vertiginous growth and has already reached approximately the 5GW mark of installed capacity. The country has the possibility of ending 2020 with 6GW in the electricity matrix.The government promises to contract at least 7GW of photovoltaic solar energy on a large scale by 2023/24.

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